What is SOG®?

SOG® no more smell

Nobody likes thick air, especially not on vacation and therefore in the limited living space in the mobile home or caravan.

Imagine sitting on the toilet and not smelling anything! SOG® users know this effect. At the same time, with such an electrical ventilation system, the use of toilet additives is completely superfluous - and that is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment.

With SOG® to the luxury toilet - made in Germany.
The company SOG® Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1994, offers various ventilation systems for the optimization of toilets through years of development work. The aim of the systems is the chemical-free use of motorhome toilets while at the same time increasing comfort through freedom from odours.

The environmentally friendly systems are produced in-house exclusively in Germany on the basis of high quality standards.

The functional principle of SOG®

Functional prinzipMobile toilets

The invention SOG® solves the problem of using mobile cassette toilets without any sanitary additives. How does this work?
A specially developed small high-performance fan, which switches on automatically when the toilet slide is opened, creates a negative pressure in the holding tank:
1. This creates a "suction" at the slider opening, which sucks in fresh air and also the odors that occur during use and directs them outside. The drawing in of air acts like a seal and 100% prevents all unpleasant fermentation gases from rising from the tank. With each use, more air (oxygen) is sucked into the cassette. Water is also supplied through the flush every time.

2. After automatic switch-off (closing of the slide), there is permanent ventilation - i.e. oxygen supply - through a pipe or hose connection that is always open to the outside, which thus promotes the decomposition process.
The principle of decomposition via oxygen is state of the art.

In addition to ending odor nuisance, active toilet ventilation has the great advantage that it does not require the constant use of toilet additives. In chemistry, a distinction is made between chemical and biological decomposition (decomposition - breakdown of a chemical compound).

SOG® uses biological decomposition
As with composting, the microorganisms need oxygen to break down organic material and, since they can only absorb their food in dissolved form, also water. A good ratio of oxygen supply and water content is the decisive condition for the decomposition process.
Water also consists of 88.81 percent by weight oxygen.
The SOG® technology uses these laws of nature - with success for more than 25 years - and accelerates them, since an increased supply of oxygen is guaranteed both when the toilet is used and when the slide is closed.
Another example where this technique is used in a similar way is the activated sludge tank in the sewage treatment plant. Oxygen is pumped in by supplying compressed air in order to cover the oxygen requirements of the microorganisms necessary for the biological decomposition processes (i.e. to promote decomposition).

Macerator toilets

Functional prinzipSOG® Compact quick

SOG® Compact quick is an innovative solution specifically designed for ceramic chopper toilets to create an odor-free toilet environment in motorhomes.

It offers improved functionality, impact and fit, and thanks to its flexible adaptability, it is compatible with all toilet models available on the market.

With SOG® Compact quick, customers can enjoy odor-free benefits regardless of their toilet type.

The venting system integrates all electrical and other components and is effortlessly bonded to the toilet without the need to drill holes on the seat, tank or vehicle.

The fan switches on automatically as soon as the toilet lid is opened and extracts unpleasant odors directly at the toilet bowl via the flow-adapted extraction shaft. A powerful filter removes these odors, resulting in a pleasant indoor climate and a noticeable increase in comfort in a limited space.

Dry separate toilets

SOG® TT provides a remedy for the unpleasant odor when using dry-combining toilets and is characterized by a specially optimized filter unit with an integrated fan. Thanks to its optimal design, the fan can either be switched on separately with a switch on the inside of the vehicle, or run continuously thanks to its low power consumption of 1.2 watts. In this way, it constantly absorbs all unpleasant odors from the dry-separating toilet, filtered out and almost silently outside.

The SOG® or SOG® II systems we manufacture for mobile cassette toilets are not compatible with a dry separation toilet - not even in a modified form or by connecting individual parts. Third-party use will void any warranty claim!

Use & Care

After the waste water tank has been emptied, it should be rinsed thoroughly with clear water and shaken to avoid deposits. The cassette should then be filled with half a liter of water.

Always use commercially available toilet paper, NO recycled paper, because special paper decomposes worse under oxygen than the cheaper commercially available toilet paper.

Based on many years of experience - especially with constantly used rental vehicles, company-owned motorhomes and customer surveys - we can confirm that no deposits form in the tank. The sporadic, half-yearly cleaning with a tank cleaning agent, as recommended by the toilet manufacturer, should be carried out. The cleaning and maintenance of the toilet itself should be done with the means available on the market. The addition of vinegar or other harsh cleaning agents will damage the cassettes.