Product description

No more smell
The following effect is achieved with a small high-performance fan specially developed for and with SOG® (resistant to the aggressive components in the intake air from the faecal tank | waterproof).
  • switches on automatically when the toilet slide is opened and creates a negative pressure in the holding tank
  • This creates a "SOG" at the slider opening, which sucks in fresh air and also the odors that occur during use and directs them outside
  • the drawing in of air acts like a seal and 100% prevents all unpleasant fermentation gases from rising from the tank (comfort without odor)
  • After automatic switching off, however, there is still ventilation to the outside and a closed system to the inside





    Enviroment protectionEnvironmental Protection

    In addition to ending odor nuisance, active toilet ventilation has the great advantage that it does not use any chemicals. When the valve is closed, the hose connection of the SOG® system to the outside ensures that the decomposition process is carried out by the intentional supply of oxygen to the faecal tank, is accelerated. Even commercially available toilet paper decomposes in a very short time and the use of special paper is no longer necessary.







    Activated charcoal
    Activated charcoal
    An important component of the SOG® and SOG®II is activated carbon.
    It is made from organic materials such as peat, nut shells and sugar, which is very environmentally friendly.
    This consists mainly of carbon (usually >90%) with a highly porous structure. The pores are interconnected like a sponge (open-pored). Activated carbon is used as an adsorbent in chemistry, medicine, water and waste water treatment, as well as ventilation and air conditioning technology.

    SOG® +SOG®II filters offer convincing advantages
    • long service life (1 year)
    • complete neutralization of odors through seamless processing
    • no carbon dust development
    • low weight
    • compact dimension

    Make sure you change the filter regularly, after one year, to ensure good air in front of the vehicle