Product Description Dry composting toilet

SOG® TT, the first ventilation system on the market for innovative optimization of dry-combining toilets, provides a remedy against the annoying odor nuisance in the confined spaces of recreational vehicles

SOG® TT features a specially optimized filter unit with an integrated fan. Thanks to its optimal design, the fan can either be switched on separately with a switch on the inside of the vehicle or run continuously thanks to its low power consumption of 1.2 watts. In this way, it constantly absorbs all permanently unpleasant odors that are caused by condensation, filtered out of the dry-separating toilet and emitted outside almost silently. Constant suction has the advantage that the annoying formation of condensate is prevented.

Just imagine: you are sitting on the toilet and you can't smell anything! SOG® users are familiar with this effect, which SOG® TT users no longer have to do without.

The installation kit for the clever ventilation comes with all the connections required for retrofitting.

The SOG® TT door variant is vented to the outside via the service flap. Thanks to the filters specially developed by SOG®, ​​every odor detail, no matter how spicy, is filtered out without exception, thus guaranteeing odor-free holidays indoors and outdoors.


The SOG® or SOG® II portable toilet systems we manufacture are not compatible with a dry-compounding toilet!

The circumstances of mobile toilets and the requirements for odor avoidance and decomposition differ in essential points from dry-separating toilets.
All components of the SOG® vents for cassette toilets, which have been tried and tested for over 25 years, are sophisticated down to the last detail and designed for a long service life. For example, only fans specially developed for and with SOG® are used, which are waterproof and resistant to the aggressive components in the intake air from the holding tank. The desired effect can only be achieved with a precisely coordinated speed. However, the fans are not suitable for continuous operation!
Therefore, these systems cannot be used for dry-compounding toilets - not even in a modified form, or by connecting individual parts. Third-party use will void any warranty claim!



Activated charcoal

An important component of the SOG® and SOG®II is activated carbon.
It is made from organic materials such as peat, nut shells and sugar, which is very environmentally friendly.
This consists mainly of carbon (usually >90%) with a highly porous structure. The pores are interconnected like a sponge (open-pored). Activated carbon is used as an adsorbent in chemistry, medicine, water and waste water treatment, as well as ventilation and air conditioning technology.

SOG® +SOG®II filters offer convincing advantages
  • long life (1 year)
  • complete neutralization of odors through seamless processing
  • no carbon dust development
  • low weight
  • compact dimension

Make sure you change the filter regularly, after one year, to ensure good air in front of the vehicle