Product description macerator toilets

Premium class

The "SOG® Compact quick" was specially developed for ceramic chopper toilets and optimizes the fit for the variety of different toilet models. Thanks to its flexible adaptability, it fits all ceramic chopper toilets on the market and allows customers to benefit from the odor-free advantages of the "SOG® Compact quick" regardless of their toilet model.
In addition, the "SOG® Compact quick" integrates all electrical and other system components. The venting system is effortlessly bonded to the toilet, eliminating the need to drill holes in the seat, tank or vehicle. The fan switches on automatically as soon as the toilet lid is opened and extracts unpleasant odors directly at the toilet bowl via the flow-adapted extraction shaft. A powerful filter removes these, resulting in absolute odor extraction and a noticeable increase in comfort in the limited spaces of motorhomes.




Activated charcoal

An important constituent part of the SOG® and SOG® II is activated charcoal.
This is made in a very environmentally-friendly way from organic materials such as peat, nutshells and sugar.
This mainly consist of carbon (mostly >90%) with a highly porous structure. The pores are connected to one another as in a sponge (open-pored).
Active charcoal is used as an adsorption material in, among other applications, the chemical and medical industries, for the treatment of water and waste water, and in ventilation and air conditioning systems.
SOG®+SOG® II filters offer convincing advantages
  • long working life (1 year)
  • complete neutralisation of odours due to seamless processing
  • no formation of charcoal dust
  • low weight
  • compact size

Ensure that the filter is changed regularly, after one Year, to avoid unpleasant smells from the vehicle.