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SOG® II Type 3000A | floor variant

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▪ Rotating ceramic toilet bowl | Holding tank with wheels

▪ Suitable for all Dometic CT3000/CT4000

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  • 100% odorless | increase in comfort
  • 100% chemical-free | environmental Protection
  • cost-saving | no addition of chemicals | no use of special paper

Product description


Floor variant

Floor version

The SOG® II compact system offers a variety of options for venting the toilet.
The unit consists of an exchangeable filter cartridge into which the fan is inserted. This can be placed anywhere - up to three meters from the toilet - and ventilated at any point above the floor (e.g. in the garage, under the seat, in the false floor or storage compartment).
For further laying, the gas-tight sanitary hose available in the motorhome accessories, which is the easiest to lay, has proven its worth. The parts supplied are matched to a waste water pipe system that is available from specialist camping shops (also available in the online shop).
For caravans where the service flap of the toilet leads directly into the awning, we recommend installing the SOG® II floor variant.
The specially developed filter unit works so efficiently that the extracted odorous air is completely neutralized.
SOG® II thus offers a ventilation variant that, in addition to simple retrofitting, also allows a variety of installation locations.
(Filter: 90 mm H, 110 mm Ø | Filter unit with fan: 160 mm H)
Installation examples

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Delivery content

✅ Fan motor integrated in housing
✅ Exhaust hose with connector
The supplied hose has a length of 65 cm. If you install the filter cartridge further away from the toilet (up to three meters possible), you need a gas-tight hose (also available in the online store: item number 533 001 0)
✅ Adapter parts for connection to the cassette
✅ Sealing plug (to be used when emptying the cassette)
✅ Cable set with switch to power the fan (during use)
✅ complete small parts for assembly
✅ Assembly instructions (very detailed)
✅ Green filter cartridge
✅ Floor duct with sealing flange and base

Help with model selection

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    Typ 3000A
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    Typ 3000A
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